Our Story

Welcome to Tap to Togetherness Across Populations, a non-profit organization dedicated to uniting individuals from diverse backgrounds through the joy of tap dance. Our program is designed to provide families with the tools and resources they need to foster positive family and child development through tap dance, all while collaborating with the Parents as Teachers Program.

At the heart of our initiative are engaging bi-weekly tap dance sessions tailored for children from birth to Pre-Kindergarten and their families. These sessions offer a dynamic space where families can come together, not only to explore the art of tap dance but also to enhance their relationships and build essential life skills.

Our lesson plans are thoughtfully crafted with several key concepts in mind. We prioritize adult-child engagement, seeking to strengthen the bonds between parents and their little ones. Through the joy of dance, we aim to improve family development, creating positive and nurturing environments for children to thrive. Additionally, we assess and enhance body movement coordination, ensuring that participants develop essential physical literacy skills.

Understanding the unique sensory needs of each child is also a focus of our program. We work collaboratively to identify these needs and find creative ways to address them through tap dance sessions, creating an inclusive and supportive space where all children can participate and benefit.

But our mission doesn’t stop there. We are proud to extend our program to include specialized sessions for individuals facing Parkinson’s Disease, offering a source of joy, flexibility, and emotional well-being. We also actively collaborate with military families, recognizing the importance of family and community bonds in the Armed Forces. Through our partnership with the Parents as Teachers Program, we aim to create thriving families, ready for learning and life.

Our ultimate goal is to strengthen family relationships through the art of tap dance. We believe that by coming together as a family and experiencing the joy of dance, parents and children can build lasting connections and memories. At Tap to Togetherness Across Populations, we’re committed to creating an inclusive and supportive community where families from all backgrounds, including those facing unique challenges, can come together, learn, and grow through the power of dance.