Programs 2024

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Tap To Togetherness Across Populations

College Hill, 2600 Kimball Ave., Manhattan, KS.
Tuesdays at 6:30 pm

January 23 & 30

February 20 & 27

March 19 & 26

April 16 & 30

Rhythm & Soles

​The Rhythm & Soles Tap Dance Ensemble is an all-inclusive professional tap dance company founded in 2007 by ​Julie L. Pentz who is the Managing and Artistic Director of the ensemble as well as the Founder and Director of Tap To Togetherness Across Populations, and a Professor of Dance as Kansas State University. 

Based in Manhattan, Kansas. The Rhythm & Soles performs original tap dance choreography in the local community, regionally, nationally, and internationally-they own a dance floor and will travel!

What makes Rhythm & Soles unique is that it is actively a part of the Tap to Togetherness Across Populations research program and it’s partnership with Parents as Teachers Programs, Senior living communities, home school networks, and with the United States Military.

​The Rhythm & Soles is committed to sharing tap dance with all communities and fulfills this by offering live performances, lecture demonstrations, and the Tap To Togetherness Across Populations program.

Healthcare Professionals

In addition to the many proven benefits of exercise, there are also benefits to more creative outlets like dancing for exercise. Creative pursuits can help you physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

Tap to Togetherness Across Populations is similar to the Remo Health Rhythms program only using tap dance rather than drumming. Julie L. Pentz is a trained Health Rhythms Facilitator and has used that training to bridge drumming with your hands, to drumming with your feet – tap dance. The program is executed in 20-30 minutes and requires no prior dance experience.

• This program builds confidence
• Makes the body more limber
• Keeps the mind sharp
• Is a stimulating mental activity that connects the mind to the body
• Breaks isolation from the workplace allowing healthcare providers to connect with their community in a more meaningful way
• Increase awareness of where all parts of the body are in space
• Sparks creativity

Dance for Parkinson’s Disease

The primary goal of dance in the context of exercise involves Flexibility, Strength, Balance, and Stamina. There are seven components of Dance that make it a Parkinson’s Class

1. Technique Training – strength, flexibility, and coordination skills
2. Circle Dances and Line Dances – creating a sense of connection and community
3. Strong Musicality – informs every aspect of class, will guide and inspire, both physical and emotional exploration and expression
4. Choreographic Repetition of Movement Sequences – assists with developing cognitive strategies
5. Community of Family and Friends – improves ones quality of life
6. Structure – greeting, warm-ups, activity, cool down, and reflection
7. Aesthetic Interpretation – Stimulates creativity and imagination

The essence of Dance for PD is joy. This program Builds confidence
• Makes the body more limber
• Keeps the minds sharp
• Connects the mind to the body
• Breaks Isolation
• Involves imagery in the service of graceful movement
• Increases awareness of ones own body
• Tells stories
• Sparks Creativity